Biofreeze 5

Hot/cold medicinal cream helps to loosen the knots in the tight muscles of the body.

 $ 5


For an enhanced, stimulating, calming, or emotionally soothing experience

 $ 10

Hot Stones

Want to add a little extra warmth to your massage experience? For an even more
relaxed and soothing feel, consider adding hot stones to any massage

 $ 10

Essential Oil Medical Grade Treatment

Add medical grade aromatherapy oils to your lotion to treat your skin as well as your
nose. Take home the extra oil to use at home or bring back to the spa for your next visit

 $ 15

Thai Herbal Ball

Mix of 6 or more herbs wrapped in cotton cloth, heated, and used as a tool to work the
knots in the tight muscles of the body

 $ 20

Himalayan Salt Stone

Adds some warmth , exfoliation, and luxury to your massage experience

 $ 25


Greatly enhances relaxation and reduces stress, pain, and soreness. Boosts the
immune system; reducing inflammation and improving circulation. Improves sleep,
decreases anxiety, and enhances mood.

 $ 40